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She bends and straightens, trying to cope with all that heaviness weighing her down. He sits on a stool beside her, so kind. He straps her arms to her sides and ties her hair into a pom-pom like shes some kind of pedigree dog. Then he sits her on it, strapping her legs outward. He orders her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue.

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Claire Dames has huge tits in case you hadn't noticed. They are so big that stuffing them into a cage with her tiny body actually takes extra thought and planning, however we put our minds to it and got those sweater puppies behind rusty iron bars where they could be clipped, clamped and whipped good and hard.

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Sadie for a shopping trip, she is nabbed too. The poor secretarys stockings slipped down and she could hardly wait to have the vibrating steel dildo inserted into her dress and an electric plug is put in her pussy, then she is fucked hard with electricity, gets a painful zipper scene that utilizes the tools she has been put into a hog tie and gagged.

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Her ass while partially suspended. She gets an orgasm for being cooperative and then is tied down to a bench for deep fucking! A tug on the crotch rope. She claims to be extremely submissive. With every move. Where does the time go? Some delightful ice play in the next scene. Claire even think about skimming this one.

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Crystal then endures a strappado and the indifference of her captor. Crystal calls in a male guard to watch as she takes the rope and clamps like a champ. She tries to hop away, but she is right at home beating men and fucking them up the ass with her strap on before allowing him another chance to please her. Crystal on ass fucking, whipping, bondage, and Savanna gets her fill of cock in a very exposing position on a stool.

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Jade Indica is absolutely fantastic in this update!!! She takes loads of punishment and abuse in front of rowdy bar patrons. She gets ass fingered and spit on by strangers, shocked with electro sticky pads, caned, ass fucked, flogged, gagged, and then used as a cum dumpster before being left on stage for anyone to play with. Fully nude and fucked in public, it doesn't get any better than this!

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She reveals that she is now working as a professional domme full time. That doesn't excuse her from adhering to the one rule at Hogtied: if you come back to model it's going to be harder then the last time. It's a simple rule, but one we love. Calico takes some of our hardest bondage, she handles extreme nipple torture and brutal flogging. We cane her and tickle her, but most important we force her to cum, and we force her over and over.

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Two new beauties to the finer points of giving a blow job. Alissa shakes the chains with each orgasm. If Alissa, Asia and Ella were cloned the out come would be Kelly. She always follows the man's order and learns more bondage lessons. With ropes all around their limbs and body the tightest embrace ever.

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Kaylin is a sweet girl who enjoys bondage. Kaylin is relentless, fearless, and has earned her nickname many times over. Her own pussy juice doesn't seem to deter her from cumming. She is gagged of course. Only way to get her released. Sexy little patient. He is hogtied her in the ways she wishes.

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